Panfilov Andrey

+7 915 299 3024

I'm professional software developer for mobile and web platforms. My main speciality is Apple iOS platform, but I hold wide expertise in Web, Android and General Mobile fields. My working experience in IT is over 6 years for which I've fallen in love with wide range of tech disciplines and architecture patterns. My colleagues mark my outstanding ability to enter existing project with lightning speed and quickly adapt source code support and feature development cycles. Apart from main work I often collaborate with companies on outsource projects and take my part in developer conferences.

Панфилов Андрей
Faculty: Information technology
Speciality: Software engineering
  • iOS icon iOS SDK
  • Objective-C icon Obj-C
  • Swift icon Swift
  • Android icon Android SDK
  • Meteor icon Meteor.JS
  • MongoDB icon MongoDB
  • HTML5 icon HTML 5
  • JS icon JavaScript
  • CSS3 icon CSS3
Rambler Digital Solutions iOS Developer (Oct 2015-present)
  • iOS applications development in Rambler Holding
  • Scrum
  • Tools: MacOS X / XCode / AppCode / JIRA / VIPER / Typhoon / CocoaPods
Geometry Global Developer (2013-present)
  • Development of mobile and web applications for major Digital Marketing and Advertisement agency
  • Outsource contract
  • Finished over 30 projects in different fields:
    • Mobile applications for iOS platform
    • Mobile Web-applications
    • Web-frontend development
    • Consulting on mobile advertisement and digital marketing topics
«FINAM» JSC iOS Developer (Oct 2012-Oct 2015)
  • Development in mobile and web applications team:
    • Implementation of mobile platform for stocks, bonds and currencies trading
    • FinamTrade
  • Pair programming
  • Tools: MacOS X / XCode / AppCode / JIRA
Itella Connexions LLC iOS / PHP Developer (2011-Oct 2012)
  • Corporate iOS applications development:
    • Client-server applications iOS SDK / PHP
    • Client-server offline applications HTML5 / JS / PHP
  • Tools: MacOS X / XCode / PHP / MySQL / JS(jQuery) / HTML / CSS / NetBeans / Komodo
  • While working for Itella I've managed to participate in development for such giants as:
    • Philip Morris International
    • Audi
    • Royal Canin
    • Nestle
    Also we won huge contract for Consumer Engagement System project implementation
«Completo» web studio PHP Developer (2009-2010)
  • PHP5 applications development:
    • Promo sites
    • UGC directed sites
    • Internal SEO-tools
    • «Satellite» networks
  • Full-stack single and pair development
  • Tools: PHP / MySQL / JS(jQuery) / HTML / CSS / Eclipse
  • Finished over 15 projects for company
IPS Pirates iOS Developer (2008)
  • iOS applications development:
    • Games for AppStore
    • Contract outsource development
  • Dev team of 3-4 people
  • Tools: MacOS X / XCode
  • Finished 4 projects for company
  • Can't miss developer meetings and conferences such as CocoaHeads Moscow, YaC, MBLT
  • Often collaborate in outsource projects